Picture Perfect: The Portrait Firenze

February 29, 2016

A heartfelt congratulations is in order for our friends at Portrait Firenze, part of the esteemed Lungarno Collection. This incredible hotel has been awarded five stars by Forbes Travel Guide, an accomplishment that represents the gold standard in the luxury travel industry. We enjoyed a flawless stay there just a few days before its latest accolade was announced. It was easy to see how it earned the honor, and why the travel guide dubbed it “impossibly chic.”


living room


The all-suite property is ideally located in front of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s iconic bridge spanning the River Arno. Entering the lobby feels like returning to a dear friend’s living room. It is stylish yet inviting, informal yet refined. We noted the modern décor and thoughtful details as we were escorted to our spacious suite. Our rooms were outfitted with custom furniture and impeccable design, and flagged with a lovely terrace with river views. Even the soaps and shampoos in the enormous bathroom were custom-made.





The Portrait Firenze is synonymous with luxury and the Italian style that is reflective of its owners, the Ferragamo family. Portrait Firenze is the Lungarno Collection’s newest addition, and it is committed to creating a personalized and flawless travel experience for its guests—“bespoke tourism,” as they call it. Across the courtyard sit two of the hotel’s sister properties. Guests can easily explore the stylish scene at Gallery Hotel Art or relax at the rooftop bar at Hotel Continentale. And just across the river is Hotel Lungarno, where one can enjoy a gourmet meal at San Jacopo Restaurant, which boasts one Michelin star. Each hotel conjures a different vibe while maintaining the luxurious and chic atmosphere that defines the brand.


terrace view


We were particularly impressed by Portrait Firenze’s Lifestyle Team, readily available to help curate a unique lodging experience and tend to our every need. Team members managed to deliver a five-star level of service in a welcoming and casual manner. Even breakfast at Caffè dell’Oro was notable—a magnificent buffet with Italian meats, cheese and pastries, as well as a full menu with made-to-order items. We appreciated how our custom omelet was served on an innovative “hot bowl,” a warmed dish that kept our eggs warm. It is details like this that helped the property achieve its honors. Portrait Firenze expertly balances a sophistication and sleekness with enthusiastic hospitality that is nothing short of the five stars it has earned.


Dining at Portrait



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